Small Businesses or Cottage Industries


can help your sales grow


One of our prime objectives is to help small businesses and "cottage industries" establish a presence on the world wide web (Internet). We feel we can help you market and sell your special products and services to a larger customer base with little or no additional cost to you. Many people throughout the country are searching local flea markets, garage and tag sales, shows, and newspapers for that special item or service. We offer several ways to market your product or service using the Internet.


We can appreciate that many small businesses don't want or have time to fill orders outside their local area.

Taking the order,
Picking the order,
Shipping the order,
Billing the order,

All these functions take time and effort. Accepting credit cards can be a hassle and expensive.
This is where Wide World Media can help! We would like the opportunity to discuss the many ways we can can work with you to assist with any or all of these services.

From helping you market your product or service on your own web site, to Wide World Media marketing it on our sites, let us show you how it can be done with little or no cost to you.



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